Friday, September 02, 2005

It is all about 1 at bat at a time!

To make it to the big leagues you have to forget about your previous at bat and come through when it counts. Well JJ's night started out like this: Strikeout, Strikeout, ground out to pitcher, Strikeout. Then when Louisville came to bat in the 9th trailing 7-2 you would have thought it was over. Well Louisville tied the score at 7-7. JJ was going to come up third in the 9th. Do you think he would Strikeout. Well the game he was having you would think it. After a leadoff double by Cesar Crespo and one out JJ stepped to the plate. Remember what I said about forgetting about your previous at bats? Well JJ came up and smashed the ball to left center field and hit it off the 418 sign to drive home the winning run. As bad as it looked JJ finished 1-5 with and rbi.

Big leaguers forget about the previous ab's so if JJ can keep that in mind he will be a great big league player.

Indy is still one game up in the wild card race. Lets hope that JJ gets his shot in the bigs after the playoffs.


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