Sunday, September 18, 2005

Thanks From JJ!

JJ wanted me to pass along his THANKS to everyone who called, e-mailed, watched, listened, etc. He said he wished he could call or e-mail everyone who has sent there best but he knows he would forget someone. The biggest thing he wanted me to mention is the support that everyone has showed him getting to the big leagues. He is not done yet this is just the beginning. Keep supporting him because it does make a difference.

He is really looking forward to his visit to Wrigley Field and can't wait to step on the field. It will be a very emotional but exciting day. For all of you that are going to the Cubs game on Tuesday we are planning a little get together before the game. The place is not final yet but I will keep everyone up to date.


  • At 7:59 PM, Blogger thebosch said…

    Thanks for keeping us all updated on how J.J. is doing. I can only imagine how excited your whole family is. I wish I could be there when he makes his Wrigley Field debut.

  • At 11:14 AM, Blogger Bulldog said…


    Hopefully he will be there next year and we can all make a big day out of it.

  • At 9:40 PM, Blogger Big Sis said…

    Supporting our Bro is what we do best. We love him to death and are so very proud of all he has done. Katie misses you and everytime Hayley sees you on TV she goes and Kisses the TV. It is so cute.

  • At 9:40 PM, Blogger Big Sis said…


  • At 9:27 AM, Blogger Stu said…

    If any of JJ's old college buddies are going to the Cubs game Tuesday, stop by section 223. There is a ton of us with tickets in that area.


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