Friday, February 17, 2006

Furmaniak Heads to Spring Training

JJ has landed in Florida and is ready to begin his 2006 jour
The stage is set for JJ to win over new manager Jim Tracy as camp open next Tuesday. It will be a long shot for JJ to make the team out of spring training, but should it be any other way.
The battle for the last spot comes down to JJ, Jose Hernandez, Mike Edwards(huh?) and the new wonder child Yurendell Decaster(the prospect they thought so much of they did not bring him up in September).
So let's compare:
Jose Hernandez: Can play almost anywhere on the field and stop the ball but does not play anywhere good. Strikes out more than Ray Charles did when he played baseball and he was blind. Can steal bases (Note: Played for Tracy in 2004)
Mike Edwards: Can play only 3rd base and maybe 2nd in a bind, but mostly avg at best. Cannot steal a base and has two left feet.(Note played for Tracy in 2005)
Yurendell Decaster:

Where did he come from? He was in AAA last year and hit .280 with 11hr's. Saw him play and was not overly impressed with him. Solid hitter but almost like they needed to hide him in the field. Can't play any great just average.
We will see how it turns out. I think Hernandez makes the team just because Tracy knows him. Then JJ goes to Indy and tears it up and then in 2 months goes to Pittsburgh and stays the rest of the year. Keep checking in to find out.